Why The Business Environment Is Ripe To Acquire A Cryptocurrency Mlm Software

Cryptocurrency Mlm Software

Cryptocurrency MLM software works like a binary matrix scheme comprising different investors. They can earn more profits by referring a huge number of people to the network. It completely operates online in a decentralized manner.

The main tasks of the participants of the network include the execution of the binary matrix transactions, receiving the commission for their activities, monitoring the functioning of the ongoing cycle, and receiving any official announcement from the admin of the MLM platform.

The benefits of buying a Cryptocurrency MLM Software when compared to the traditional MLM

  • A higher level of profits can be earned with a low initial investment.
  • There is no downline.
  • Anyone can join from anywhere in the world without any limitations or restrictions.
  • Real-time notifications and alerts will be sent to users through SMS or other online mediums of communication.
  • It is a good source of passive income for users.
  • There are no chances of any hacking attacks or scams occurring on the platform.
  • The decentralized and distributed ledger in the immutable blockchain platform tracks every transaction made on the network as it is completely traceable.

The traditional MLM schemes were affected by a lot of factors like scams, centralization of the system, alteration of the software leading to the collapse of the system altogether, and lack of trust among the participants in the network.

How to initiate the development of Bitcoin MLM Software for your organization?

  • Analyze the business practices of the existing competitors and try to find out some of their weaknesses and make it your USP.
  • Decide how to integrate your crypto token into the system.
  • Fix the terms and conditions of the referral system and the procedure related to the joining methodology.
  • Determine the joining fees for the new users.
  • Highlight how much profits the participants can earn in a period either through a graph or a chart.
  • Prepare a detailed graph showing the commission payout cycle for the users of the platform.
  • Draft the smart contract functions.
  • Partner with a well-versed company or knowledgeable developers for executing the project.
  • Strike a profitable deal when the conditions look optimistic from your side.

How Infinite Block Tech works for building your Cryptocurrency MLM Software

  • Analyzing your business requirements thoroughly.
  • Determining your operational scope according to the nature of the project.
  • Allocating the necessary technical resources.
  • Following an agile methodology for designing the smart contract.
  • Developing the platform for your business.
  • Undertaking extensive testing of the smart contract.
  • Involving in bug fixing and deployment.
  • Rendering 24x7 technical support services in multiple languages to deal with users’ queries and glitches.
  • Providing integration with the leading multi-currency wallets in the market such as MetaMask for desktop users and Trust Wallet for mobile users.
  • A smart investment module to grow your income by many times on the platform.
  • Offering API integration with the top exchanges in the crypto industry.
  • Issuing timely software upgrades as and when needed.

The different plans offered by our Smart contact MLM software

  • Binary plan — It is very easy to use and profitable as it works similarly to the structure of a binary tree. Complete customization and quick scalability are ensured.
  • Matrix plan — It ensures high operational efficiency. It is a popular and highly demanded compensation plan and has a fixed width and depth in its work structure. ‘
  • Board plan — It is also known as a revolving matrix plan or matrix cycle plan. The management is very easy and it can handle multiple tasks at the same time without any drop in quality which will satisfy the board members.
  • Gift MLM plan — It is also called a donation plan or a help plan. Most of the companies use this plan for organizing their crowdfunding campaigns successfully.
  • Generation plan — It operates based on a generation structure where the profit is shared as per the generation levels of the users. It offers advanced options and more transparency.
  • Repurchase plan — It enables simple and easy trading for the user. The user has to promote the company’s products and services in the market.
  • Unilevel plan — It allows a user to operate on multiple levels seamlessly without facing any limitations. Each member of the platform can add as many downlines to the network.
  • Australian plan — No matching pairs are required for making compensation to the user. It works like a tri-binary structure where the upline will receive benefits from their respective downline. The plan is user-friendly, 100% reliable, and can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously without facing any hassle.

Choose our services for creating your Cryptocurrency MLM Software wholeheartedly as we offer a decentralized network, ensure that your data is immutable, facilitate P2P settlement of transactions, and implement top-notch security measures into the platform for a secure and hack-free trading experience. Contact our talented developer team and avail of a profitable solution soon.

Aaron Silva is a well-known cryptocurrency consultant specializing in dealing with digital trading businesses. https://www.infiniteblocktech.com/