The increasing relevance of Hybrid Exchange Development

Centralized vs Decentralized
  • Users retain 100% control over their funds though hybrid exchanges are directly managed by the third party operators.
  • Complete user anonymity is ensured by following various cryptocurrency regulations laid down by the certified authorities.
  • The funds are not stored on the hot wallets but kept safe in cold storage facilities ensuring no chances of hacking attacks to take place on a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange.
  • A high level of transparency is ensured which attracts users who prioritize their privacy while trading.
  • The modular architecture used by hybrid platforms is highly scalable and represents the future of digital asset trading.
Hybrid Exchange Structure
  • All the incoming buy or sell orders are encrypted on the platform.
  • The log of the order pool or the order book is recorded on the immutable blockchain network.
  • The traders will have to send their respective private keys to the order pool which decrypts each order and sends the information to the powerful matching engine.
  • Only the matched trades of the users will be recorded immediately on the blockchain network.
  • The crypto balances of the traders will be updated periodically based on their trading history.
  • Qurrex offers high-grade institutional exchange services. They offer white label solutions along with a professional trading platform. It is used mostly by brokers, corporate companies, arbitrageurs, and high-frequency traders. It utilizes both on-chain and off-chain protocols and manages the trading activities through an electronic communication network.
  • Eidoo helps in seamless crypto asset management and is supported by heavyweight Defi projects like Compound, Uniswap, MakerDAO, Balancer, and Aave. They also offer crypto-powered debit cards to take part in the fastly growing Defi economy.
  • Stoxum claims to be the world’s first hybrid decentralized exchange. It can handle a whopping 1 million transactions per second. Token holders get access to a detailed transaction report. It supports the top five cryptos namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple. The STOXUM token has a total supply of 200 million and the holders of each token get 100% access to the dividend revenue and can use the trading bots.




Aaron Silva is a well-known cryptocurrency consultant specializing in dealing with digital trading businesses.

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Aaron silva

Aaron silva

Aaron Silva is a well-known cryptocurrency consultant specializing in dealing with digital trading businesses.

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