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Aaron silva
2 min readJul 8, 2021
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The IDO launchpad services have disrupted the entire blockchain ecosystem with their efficiency to provide world-class features that set them apart from competitors to take the investor’s business to the next level. IDO launchpad development is a pre-built software that benefits investors by setting up and running a customized decentralized token marketplace. It wide opened the way for upcoming generations to step forward in discovering the opportunities that best fit their business needs to develop futuristic projects or products on the IDO platform.

The IDO launchpad platform can predict the new launches of the projects and purchase them even before mentioning the pre-sale price in the market. After gaining full transparency over IDO tokens, the users are given customizable options to adjust liquidity locks, sale price, token vesting, and funding. The owner of crypto projects needs to register in the IDO launchpad to get listed on the platform. Once the review and verification process is tested successfully, it gets listed on the platform.

Various benefits offered in IDO Launchpad Services :

  • The IDO launchpad platform is compatible with any blockchain technology in the field of Polkadot TRON and E0S that supports the creation of a token.
  • It is initiated with a multi-tiered staking module for investors to create multiple tiers for users to participate in the funding events.
  • The IDO launchpad platform is integrated with a digital wallet that allows users to store, transfer or buy/sell tokens from different projects of their desire.
  • It is integrated with KYC/AML compliance in the IDO launchpad solution to verify users’ identities for security purposes.
  • The IDO launchpad can list crypto projects on the platform for global users to discover and invest in those projects to raise funds.
  • It quickly allocates the tokens in the IDO launchpad platform for open sale based on their investment plans.
  • IDO launchpad development is highly efficient in managing multiple investor pools to increase the volume of users participating in the pool.
  • It has high-end security protocols like 2-f authentication, HTTP authentication, and DDOS protection to prevent various hacks and attacks in the IDO launchpad platform.

The IDO launchpad development is the most discussed topic among global users since it created huge hype for holding high value in the trade market. Investors can connect with any IDO launchpad services like a blockchain company to gain proper assistance in developing a featured IDO launchpad platform cost-effectively.



Aaron silva

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