Initial Farm Offering (IFO)

Initial Farm Offering (IFO) is a fundraising activity in the DeFi platform, where the user will participate in the ‘pre-sales process hosted to receive the tokens before listing on the exchange platform.

It is easy to buy an IFO token in just four steps. The first is to sign in any of the accounts that permit the transaction regarding IFO. Next is to stake the BNB and CAKE tokens in the liquidity pool. The user can buy the desired IFO tokens and the unused BNB tokens will be transferred to the buyer account when the sale process is completed.

Benefits of IFO:

  • It acts as a barometer in checking the progress of blockchain technology.
  • IFO offers instant liquidity to the users since the transaction occurs in a decentralized platform.
  • It offers a dual-margin proposition for the transaction and is highly recommended for business fundraising.
  • An open and fair fundraising platform for all the users in the cryptocurrency world.
  • Since the transactions are done with no third party, no commissions are required to pay. Using the liquidity exchange, it is possible to pay a little of the gas fee for the transaction.
  • This platform is more helpful for Pancakeswap users and new investors as it provides an opportunity to burn the CAKE tokens and instant liquidity.

There are two types of the sale in the IFO platform:

  • Basic sale: with no entry fee, one can deposit up to 100 USD CAKE -BNB tokens. Pancakeswap will calculate the LP amount at the time of IFO launching.
  • Unlimited sale: With no limit in the CAKE_BNB tokens, the user can deposit the desired number of tokens. The user has to pay a certain fee depending upon the platform as the participation fee.

Infinite Block Tech is pre-eminent as the IFO development company, providing a safe and affordable platform for the development of an IFO platform. We assure a highly secure platform for your transaction and fundraising process.




Aaron Silva is a well-known cryptocurrency consultant specializing in dealing with digital trading businesses.

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Aaron silva

Aaron silva

Aaron Silva is a well-known cryptocurrency consultant specializing in dealing with digital trading businesses.

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