A cryptocurrency exchange platform white label is a readymade solution

Aaron silva
3 min readJan 21, 2021
The white label exchange platform

More investors these days are opting to manage their assets and investments digitally on robust trading platforms. This indicates a surge in the interest for virtual currencies as their value has grown tremendously in the market.

A white label crypto exchange platform can be deployed instantly for operations in the market. It contains a flexible frontend and a robust backend. A firm can add its brand name, logo, and UI/UX design to customize it according to its business requirements. It helps in reducing the developmental costs significantly, is scalable as new features can be added to attract more users for trading, and ample flexibility is ensured with the availability of several engagement models.

It can be used with ease by startups, entrepreneurs, brokers, asset management companies, blockchain development companies, fintech companies, banks, portfolio managers, fund managers, and financial institutions.

The important characteristics of a cryptocurrency exchange white label solution

  • Greater transaction throughout ensuring faster settlement of funds.
  • A high-capacity API for automatic trading.
  • A world-class order matching engine that ensures low latency while handling the trading request of the users.
  • The acceptance of market orders, stop-loss, take-profit, and limit orders.
  • Free deposits and withdrawals for the users.
  • Limitless trading aided by the risk-free spread of assets.
  • The presence of spot trading, futures trading, and margin trading facilities.
  • The strong provision of liquidity through reliable market making.
  • Integration of numerous payment gateways that accept all the leading fiat and cryptocurrencies.
  • Security measures like 100% data encryption, two-factor authentication, jail login, the presence of cold storage facilities, and password-protected user access.
  • Responsive technical support is provided 24x7 in multiple languages.
  • Live provision of data analytics is assured with the availability of an interactive dashboard.
  • A detailed reporting module contains all the details about revenue, profits, transaction history, AML alerts, and account activity of the users on the platform.
  • An admin panel that adds new users to the platform, manages the trading pairs, and helps in efficient commission management.
  • An exclusive IEO launchpad where a newly launched token of a project can be traded on the platform immediately.
  • A margin trading facility where users can boost their earnings by opening either short or long positions.
  • A staking option for the users where they can earn more returns after a specific duration.

The procedure followed while developing a cryptocurrency exchange white label solution

  • Collecting the business needs of the platform.
  • Setting up a default exchange containing all the basic and high-priority features.
  • Adding the necessary coins, tokens, and trading pairs on the platform.
  • Making the operational server ready for functioning.
  • Implementing it on the blockchain network.
  • Adding software updates if necessary on a timely basis.

A White label crypto exchange solution is highly affordable and can be used on multiple operating platforms and devices effortlessly. It ensures a trustworthy trading experience with several modules like a client app dashboard, an admin panel, a full-fledged order book, production support, and assistance in infrastructure maintenance. It is very easy to use as no technical expertise is required to handle the platform. The cryptocurrency exchange platform is of proven quality and tested several times before launching in the market.



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